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Tires & Wheels

Tires are one of the most common wear and tear parts of any vehicle. Consisting of mostly a rubber component, this ensure the vehicle has grip on the roads and can account for how efficient the car might run or how noisy the journey can be.

Being a mostly rubber part, this means that tyres can wear down quite alot depending on how much you drive your vehicle. Given there is a government requirement to keep the tread of a tyre above 1mm, it’s important to ensure you have fresh and legal tyres on your vehicle at all times. Otherwise you could be subject to a fine or points on your license if you are caught driving with tyres that are below the minimum tread depth or of poor condition on the car. 

We have a ready team of mechanics who will be able to replace or repair your tyres depending on the condition to ensure you have good quality grip on the roads.


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